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Fiscal Cliff ?

I believe Ron Paul has it right:

Even if Congress manages to come up with a solution to avert the “fiscal cliff,” a combination of year-end tax increases and spending cuts, it won’t be worth anything because it’ll probably only deal with tax rates and ignore the problem of runaway government spending, or so say Texas Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul.

“I think we have passed that point of no return where we can actually get our house in order,” Rep. Paul said Friday on CNBC. “I believe there is too much bipartisanship on the spending. Nobody is talking about cutting any spending.”

“Republicans and Democrats,” he continued, “they pretend they’re fighting up there, but they really aren’t. They’re arguing over power, spin, and who looks good, and who looks bad, but they’re all trying to preserve this system where they can spend what they want, take care of their friends, and let the Fed print money when they need it.”

However, that’s not to say Rep. Paul doesn’t believe U.S. lawmakers will come up with temporary solutions to things like the “cliff.”

“[It’ll be] sort of like — how many times have they had a ‘solution’ for the Greece crisis? About ten or 15 times?” the congressman asked, referring to the eurozone’s most unstable and financially broken member.

“There’s no admission that they [U.S. lawmakers] have a crisis. They have no admission that the country is bankrupt. There’s no admission that our government is spending way too much and it’s way beyond our means and there’s not a single bit of effort to cut anything,” the congressman continued.

“They are so they so far removed from admitting the seriousness of this crisis and if they don’t admit it, they can’t solve the problem. They’re like a bunch of drug addicts that just want another fix

Swearing-In Ceremony Announced


You are invited to attend
The swearing-in ceremony of
William Goslin & Tim Szczepaniak
Ballston Town Councilman
Carol Shemo
Ballston Town Clerk
Ann Hogue
Ballston Town Tax Collector
The oath of office will be given by the honorable Justice John Fantauzzi
January 1st, 2012
10 AM
Board Room, Ballston Town Hall
323 Charlton Road
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Potluck Reception to follow at
The Goslin’s
14 Skaarland Drive
Burnt Hills, New York 12027

Ballston Bookkeeper Facts

Ballston Bookkeeper Facts

On November 17th, Joann Bouchard, our town bookkeeper was terminated for helping me obtain town financial records authorized by the town board on November 15th.    There was no investigation, no town disciplinary policy followed, no town personnel committee involvement, no town attorney consultation and no discussion with the town board.   These are the undisputed facts and of course this puts Supervisor Southworth in a very poor political position, having terminated a dedicated 13 year town employee without cause or explanation.     Now we have the usual Southworth cronies out in force trying to paint Southworth as the victim in a mess that she alone created.    The real victim here is Joanne who sits home without a job during the holidays wondering what she did wrong.  The real issue here is why no one is allowed access to town financial records even with the town board’s authorization.  

The Ballston Journal editor was right stating that we need to move forward as a town.   Unfortunately, we cannot move forward without full disclosure of the town’s finances.  The state of our town’s finances is questionable at best.  No Audits, no monthly reports, no fund reserve information, questionable budget funding and secret bonding practices.  Immediately after being elected, I wrote to the NYS Comptroller’s office and made a formal request for them to investigate these issues.   The bookkeeper termination added fuel to the fire.   I received a call from the comptroller’s office this past week and they will be auditing the Town of Ballston as soon as resources can be scheduled.

In early January, I will be introducing a financial plan for the Town of Ballston.  This plan will focus on financial reporting, accountability and planning.   We need to put these financial issues behind us.  It will soon become evident who in town government is moving forward and who is trying to cover their political backside. 

I look forward to serving the Town of Ballston as councilman and wish all of our residents the best during this holiday season and throughout the New Year. 

William Goslin

Councilman Elect

Town of Ballston

The Sleeping Patriot Awakes

The last article written on the Ballston Patriot was May 21, 2011 when I announced my campaign for Ballston Town Council.    I stopped writing the Ballston Patriot for a number of reasons including time and a promise to the town Republican Committee not to publish. 

The campaign for town council was very successful with my running mate, Tim Szczepaniak and I winning by a substantial margin.    It did not come without hard work as we knocked on over 2,000 doors.   We had a great time and will be sharing campaign highlights over the next few weeks. 

We will be writing on a regular basis in hopes of keeping you informed of important issues facing our community.    Of course we will be very focused on issues facing the Town of Ballston.

Your editor,

Councilman Elect William Goslin

William Goslin for Town Council

Last Evening, I received the Republican endorsement to run for Ballston Town Council.    I am very excited about running for elected office in the Town of Ballston.  This opportunity came as a bit of a surprise to me as I was working with the committee on a few items but did not actively seek the endorsement.   There was an issue with the original candidate and the “Hatch Act” and I was asked to submit a letter of intent.   Now I know what I will be doing for the next six months.   I look forward to meeting the people in the Ballston community and the challenge of running for office. 

It is moments like these where we have to pause and reflect on our accomplishments.  It was just over 2 years ago when we went to Albany with a few signs at the tax day tea party.  It was just 18 months ago when we made our first trip to Washington on 912.   Just about a year ago when I started attending the Albany 912.   It has been 6 months since we met Dr. Brooks and started our Foundations of Liberty class.    Three months sense the Ballston Patriot started publishing. 

I urge all of the Ballston Patriot readers to pick up your stick and follow your heart.  We live in exciting times, our country needs your help.   One person can make a difference with some help from above. 

I will be sharing details of the campaign as it unfolds. 

Bill Goslin

Editor of the Ballston Patriot

Spyder Reports from Town Hall

The Monthly Ballston Town Hall meeting was held on May 3rd and covered quite a few topics, most notable of these were two issues that were of of concern to the town’s citizens

The first was the BHBL school budget, which was covered in a lengthy presentation and went over, in much detail, using lots of numbers and percentages with both pluses and minuses, which, if you weren’t paying attention, would easily have made your eyeballs cross, the school budget

Well, I was paying attention, and I still had to visit the optometrist after the meeting

Let’s see if I can explain it for you. First of all, there was a survey done of the BHBL district’s citizens, which, after the final tally was done, 78% of the people surveyed said that they were in favor of raising the taxes for the school budget

That was the bottom line, the details are that they have a comprehensive plan which includes looking to leverage the B.O.C.E.S. program to somehow supplement the local curriculum (obviously I misunderstood that part, either that, or B.O.C.E.S. teaches math) They also, somehow got $650,000 from Chuck Schumer, which was stimulus money that hadn’t been spent yet from last year, and was part of the magic that Governor Cuomo used to “balance” the state budget. (Just wait til there isn’t anymore stimulus money next year, and we’ll see just how well he manages to balance the budget without any significant spending cuts or tax increases)

The community has been supportive of the referendum process (which can only be legally used when PUBLIC money is being spent) in order to buy new boilers to heat the buildings, which has shown to be effective in saving money by being more efficient, and they had some pretty charts to prove it

They had originally removed some courses, but, after listening to student and parent feedback, have since replaced those courses

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BHBL School System Vote May 17th

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 17, is the day when residents all across New York State have a chance to vote on their school district’s budget and candidates for their Board of Education.

If you are a resident of the BH-BL school district and a registered voter, please come to the high school gym on Lakehill Road and vote.  The polls will be open for 14 hours, from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM, to enable folks to vote either before or after work as well as during the day.

If you followed the work to create the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 2011-12 budget this winter and spring, you know that we had more community involvement and input than ever before — input that the Board of Education did their best to incorporate into the final budget.  (And if you weren’t involved, you can go to our Budget Development page at   to read all about it.)

Board members would appreciate reading your comments about this process & the budget in the exit poll, which you can fill out after you vote.

Elections have been getting closer in many Capital Region school districts, so this is NOT the time to be complacent. Every single vote — pro or con — carries the same weight.  Don’t assume your vote doesn’t matter — it does !

For instance, last May only 20 votes separated our 3 Board of Education candidates, and the top 2 were elected.

Anyone with questions about the BH-BL election is welcome to contact me at or 399-9141, ext. 5017.

A final thought:  Why let other people decide what is best for you when you have a voice?  Vote!

Christy Multer
Communications Specialist

Town Board Approves Purchase of the Lang Property

The Ballston Town Board has approved the Lang property on Middleline Road as the site of the proposed Anchor Diamond Park.   The vote was unanimous with the Supervisor and all town board members voting in favor of the park.  This matter will now go back to the court and the executors of the Schidzick estate who should begin the steps necessary to purchase the property. 

The recommended design for the park is a “passive recreation park”.   The passive recreation park has become popular choice for many surrounding towns as it preserves green space, is not costly to build and requires minimal maintenance.   The Anchor Diamond Park would have a parking lot, picnic tables, portable toilet and eventually a series of hiking trails.   This park is ideal for town residents who have an hour in the morning to get some fresh air, walk the dog in the afternoon, or walk off that big dinner in the evening. 

 The committee, under the leadership of Dan Russell, should be recognized, they are; Meagan Frantz, Peter Sawyer, Ben Baskin, Arnold Palmer, Tricia Letendre, Fran k Shipp, Lynnette Ziskin and Greg Birbilis.  We are very thankful and proud to have residents like these who would give up so many hours of there personal time for a worthy community project.  This type of sacrifice and public virtue is the foundation of our great country. 

 Councilman Tim Szczepaniak and Councilwoman Kim Ireland should also be recognized for there support of the committee and the project.   These officials worked tirelessly attending the committee meetings and helping clear the many obstacles that threatened this project.  The teamwork on this project is a shining example of how town government should work with dedicated residents for the benefit of the community.   

 My son Jake and I had the opportunity to walk the new park property with members of the town board and the parks committee.   We are in the process of adding a great treasure to our community, the Schidzick dream is becoming reality. 

 The Ballston Patriot

Chris Gibson Town Hall – Malta

Congressman Chris Gibson will hold a town hall meeting in Malta:  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011,  6:30 PM

Malta Community Center, 1 Bayberry Street, Malta, NY

The meeting is open to the public. 

I hear through the grape vine that some “” liberals will be there protesting.   Please consider attending to show support for Chris and also bring a Gibson sign if you have one hanging around the garage.  

I have attended one of his town hall meetings in the past and it is well worth the time.  You can be proud that Chris represents us in Washington. 

 The Ballston Patriot


Ballston Town Politics is very Confusing

I wrote a letter two weeks ago to the Gazette on the Ballston town park issue urging the supervisor and the town board to accept the gift of $800K from a local estate and buy land for the park.    Since my letter, it seems that the Supervisor, Patti Southworth abandoned her support for the petition/referendum drive and seems to favor the park.   She is still obstructing on the park issue, however, claiming the she is the town’s “CFO” and can’t move forward without knowing all the costs.   We are hopeful that our “CFO” figures out that the land can be purchased without developing the park which makes this a financial no brainer.   Our “CFO” is a little slow to understand these things so I ask the residents of the town to bear with her.  

The chairman of the Town of Ballston Democrats, George Seymour, also wrote to the Gazette indicating that I called Patti Southworth a Democrat when she is really an Independent.   At first I thought he was offended, I know the town Republicans would be if I called her a Republican.   Then I saw Southworth on the Town Democratic web site running for supervisor as a Democrat, now I am really confused.  George has an Independent as the head of his Democratic ticket but is upset when someone calls her a Democrat. 

A town Republican, Steve Stark, also responded to my letter.   He indicated that many Republicans, like him, support the Southworth’s handling of the park.   Steve appears to be the only Republican in town that donated $500 to the Gillibrand campaign.   He also has admitted to having Southworth’s husband edit his letters to the editor in the past (Ballston Journal 8/19/2010).   Yup, he is a real Republican. 

So if I offended anyone with my letter I apologize.    I am still learning how people who run on Democratic tickets are offended when you call them Democrats and how town Republicans run their letters by the Southworth family prior to submission.   

The Ballston Patriot